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Audio Research

Audio Research

Audio Research prides itself on manufacturing only those products which will provide genuine enjoyment for as long as the customer cares to own them. In company practice, this means that Audio Research technicians can still repair, refurbish and restore to original performance standards virtually any product ever manufactured during the company’s 40-year history.

Indeed, 40-year-old Audio Research designs continue to provide exceptional musical enjoyment daily in music systems around the world. These products are workhorses, not museum pieces.

Much more than a mere carriage-trade brand name, the Audio Research marque has come to represent stellar performance and lasting value for music lovers and audio enthusiasts everywhere.

Audio Research

Audio Research
New addition to the FOUNDATION SERIES of Audio Research The New VT-80 tube power amp. 75 watts per channel with KT-120 tubes. New auto biasing of the tubes designed by Audio Research to make checking the tubes worry free. Website:Audio Research t80 ARC VT-80

Audio Research

Audio Research REF 150se Power

Audio Research REF 150se Power

Simply put, the REF150se is a breakthrough in stereo power amplification.  Replacing the REF150—which was one of the most respected modern stereo amplifiers—was a daunting task, but it has been accomplished.  The REF150se offers more power, greater dynamic thrust, a more vivid and resolved presentation, greater finesse, and quieter operation. Now with the KT-150 tubes elevating it to a new level. 

It is the new benchmark!!

Audio Research Ref 250 SE Vacuum Tube Monaural Power Amplifier

Audio Research Ref 250 SE  Vacuum Tube Monaural Power Amplifier

The concept of a large monoblock amplifier is to provide control to a speaker.  The difficult part of the job is maintaining finesse and musicality while doing it.  Audio Research has produced some of the most critically acclaimed products during its 42-year history and the new Reference 250SE aims to break new ground.

    250 watts per mono block amp with the New KT-150 tubes. Also, the REF 75SE the smaller stereo power amp excels in performance from these changes. We have paired in the shop with the REF6se pre amp and the results are just awesome. We invite you to come in and have a listen to a new experience with Audio Research exciting products.

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