Sonus Faber Aida

Sonus Faber Aida

Aida, art of a new era

A speaker as grandiose as an opera by Giuseppe Verdi, able to revolutionize, and at the same time express, the essence of Sonus Faber values.

The precious knowledge gained through the design, development and manufacturing of the limited edition 'The Sonus Faber' speaker has resulted in the new and exciting Aida. This new Sonus Faber is a speaker 'as grandiose as a Giuseppe Verdi opera, able to radically renew and at the same time express the unchanging Sonus Faber values. Just as Giuseppe Verdi signaled a turning point in opera combing tradition with innovation in his spectacular opera 'Aida', so too does Sonus Faber aim at absolute excellence with this new product.

Currently Set up with Audio Research Ref 250m
Anniversary Pre Amp
Esoteric K-01 Cd Player/Basis 2500 turntable/Koetsu+Audia phono stage
Completely wired with Transparent Cable

Update FEB5,2015- Above demo Aidas have found a happy home so we hope to get another pair soon.

We do have the New Liliums available for audition.

Audition available by appointment
12261 Yonge St. Please call Angie

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