Nizar Akhrass of May Audio

Nizar Akhrass of May Audio

I received sad news today about Nizar Akhrass founder of May Audio.

Nizar passed away this weekend with Massive heart failure. He had beaten Cancer and many other health issues and by surprise knocked down suddenly by Congestive Heart Failure on April 11-2010.

Strong to the very end, and recently you would have noticed he was a man of iron. His get up and go would have never indicated that his death would be so soon. Some of you may have even seen his great energy level at the recent Montreal show. He had been my mentor all these years and I thank him for turning me into a workaholic.

He loved the industry and the people in it. He did so much and desired all the best. I will miss him and remember what he has done in this industry very fondly.

As you may have read in a previous blog, ( Alice, Nizar’s wife, also passed. We hope they are together now and celebrating being together. To Nizar’s family, we greatly extend our condolences.

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