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Learning about the perfect sound is a lifelong quest and when American Sound takes this journey with you, you’ll learn the very definition of SYNERGY.  As you create your system, it is important to have the perfect components to optimize your sound quality. And, most importantly, when you finally hear that perfect sound, it will be momentous.

Whether you are at the beginning of your sound journey, or you have already set-sail, American Sound is here to support your mission.

American Sound was created 25 years ago and has been in the audio industry longer than some of the top audio brands.  Whether you are looking for a home theatre or need to build a professional studio, you will soon discover that American Audio has made studying equipment a career, and their technicians know the evolution of the companies you want and the equipment you need.

For those 25 years Angie Lisi, a self-proclaimed audiophile, has been studying the art of sound and has made it her life’s work to give you the sound you desire.  Her team of professionals are experts in the most high-end equipment in the industry.

At the retail location in Richmond Hill – or Angie’s Audio Corner, just north of Toronto (Canada) – you can audition the finest audio equipment available today.  Just call us in advance and we will set up the equipment you are considering for purchase.  Our knowledge and experience makes us your best source for acquiring the equipment to give you the sound you want.  Come in and listen to your favorite music in one of our “listening rooms” while we adjust the sound to meet your every need.

We look forward to seeing you soon,



Nov. 22, 2018

Opening of our new forum, next door, November 30,2018. Audio Solutions by Design http://www.audiosolutionsbydesign.com

July 15,2016.
Our team is a very important part of what we are able to do. Arnold, Leyland and Ashraf are available to help put you on the right path to what you image can happen. Use their skill, with many years under their belt, to guide you to selecting what is right for you. I invite you to Drop in and meet them and have a chat.
Thanks Angie
Supporting audio habits for 41 years.

Home Theatre Services

  • Home Theater Custom Installation
  • Installations/Customer Theater Designs
  • Inwall wiring before construction
  • Inwall wiring after construction
  • Wiring for Sound
  • Audio or Video Installations including Satellite
  • Onsite Quotations Available!

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A: 12261 Yonge St., Richmond Hill
Ontario CANADA L4E 3M7

P: (905) 773-7810

E: angie@americansound.com

American Sound Of Canada

American Sound Of Canada