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We offer trade-ins, demos, clearance items, and other equipment.

You’ll receive a 90 – day warranty on used equipment and a full manufacturers warranty on demos and clear-outs.  Please visit this page often as there will be regular updates and lots of fantastic specials.  Don’t see what you need here?  Email us and we will endeavor to find it!


Used-Jeff Rowland 301+Coherence Series11

Jeff Rowland Coherence Series11 pre amplifier with 301 M mono power amps.

1 owner complete with boxes and all in very good to mint condition. Price for the set. $22,000. Cnd

Sonus Faber Stradivari Palladio-Limited

Sonus Faber Stradivari Loudspeaker Limited Edition Only 25 pair produced WorldWide We are happy to offer one pair for sale. The tribute to Stradivari further defines that ambition to bring the identity of the loudspeaker ever more closer to that of a musical instrument. At its outset, the project was based on the idea that a front that was wider than traditional canons could lead to the simulation of the 2p infinite plane, translating the model of a theoretically perfect acoustic source and offering an absolutely innovative reproduction performance. And thus, the large front panel: it does not disperse but accumulates the energy of the loudspeakers, and then reflects it. An elliptic design for a three-way system capable of offering a totally different, emotionally enthusiastic response. - System: 3 way floorstanding vented box loudspeaker.- Cabinet: elliptical shape design, multilayer, constrained-mode damping, enclosure formed using hand selected wood layers, quality graded and oriented for carefully optimized resonances control. Sub-structural ribs are strategically placed for absolute rejection of spurious vibrations. - Tweeter: 25 mm ultra dynamic linearity neodymium ring radiator driver, with dual toroidal wave-guide. Natural wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, with mechanical anti-resonator synergycally designed and integrated “acoustic ambient”. - Midrange: 150 mm ultra dynamic linearity driver. Ccaw/kapton “eddy current free” voice coil. Dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporating kellog and faraday rings. All moving elements optimally ventilated for “resonance free” response. Designed synergistically with its vented “acoustic chamber”. - Woofers: 260 mm lightweight aluminium/magnesium alloy cone driver in an acoustically amorphous vented chamber. A dual faraday copper ring long-throw motor system with a 2” “eddy current free” voice coil is implemented for an ultra dynamic performance and linearity. Special coaxial anti-compressors are used, designed to remove cavity resonance and distortions. - Cross-over: special multi slope structure with optimized phase/amplitude response. The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear amplifier friendly performance. A unique structured precious metal alloy conductors used, totally coherent on the entire signal path. Cross-over points 300 hz - 4.000 hz.Specifications - Frequency response: 22 hz - 40.000 hz, tuning ports included. - Sensitivity: 92 db spl (2,83 v/1m). - Nominal impedance: 4 ohm. - Power handling: 30w - 300w, without clipping. - Finish: Palladio - Dimensions: 1370 x 655 x 500 mm (hxwxd). - Weight: 151,8 kg per pair - net weight / 198,6 kg per pair-shipping weight. Price in U.S funds $ 50,000. pair These are so limited we have elected not to open the box. Buy with confidence from an authorized dealer for several years.

Focal Chorus Special

    Special Promotion Focal Chorus 700 Series Speakers- Limited Stock.Enjoy one of most popular speakers from one of the leading speaker manufacturing company. Include a pair with one of our amps by Marantz, Denon, Cambridge or NAD. Also, ideal to complete your home theater system, fronts, center or rears. 5 year warranty-Made in France. Please call ahead to make sure stock and colour is available.  

Sonus Faber Sf16

 Sf-16 Sonus Faber introduces it's first all in one wireless music streaming system.

The concept is derived from the original Snail speaker system with one front and one 5 inch rear firing bass driver in a wooden/aluminum crafted cabinet. The two extended arms with 2 position   setting house the tweeter and midrange drivers.

An amazing 1400 watt amplifier powers the system. Options available: Aux input with RCA, and 2 digital inputs.

Introductory Price $ 11,999. for a limited time

     Free delivery in the GTA area.

Promotion Now $ 10, 250.

REL Acoustics

Special update: We have just received more inventory on our popular subwoofers. Several models have arrived. Check in with Leyland or Arnold and they can guide you through this complete line of subs to choose the right one for you. Rel's reputation in subs extends to audio and home theater application. Some models listed in our online store which will give you an idea of the range and pricing. Note however that we offer great in store only specials as well. We invite you to visit and experience Rel subwoofers. Model T/5i compact subwoofer Smaller does not mean lesser. We designed the compact T/5i to give smaller sized spaces and systems equal quality sound, so while scale may change the performance stays the same. T/7i and T/9i also available. Serie T/i The completely reimagined Series T/i provides the most power and performance of any subwoofer in its price range. The perfect combination for smaller to mid-sized systems and rooms. Sale on All in stock Subwoofers. In store Specials, Save an extra 10% from our already discounted price. Some models are available in White finish.

Denon-Full line Now Available-

Full line of Denon now in the store. Drop in for our in-store SPECIALS 2210

BelCanto Black ACI600

integrated-black-sliderDemo Model Reduced to Clear. The ACI 600 refines the elements of the three chassis Black system into one beautifully constructed component. The ACI 600, with its modern look and feel, optimizes signal path in a revolutionary way, recreating the recorded event with incredible musicality and accuracy. Seperate mono amps and Controlled priced to Clear. Download the XMOS USB Driver to connect your ACI 600 to a Windows based computer.Belcantoblack integrated amp

B&O Play-Headphones and Wireless speakers


Nad Headphones

Holiday Prices Now -Choose from In the Ear, On the Ear or Over the Ear. These are just some of the models but many more available. Nad hp20 HP-20 nad hp30 HP-30 Nad hp-50HP-50

Blu Sound

New models coming in so our  Current discontinued stock is on Sale. Check in soon for the New i series. bluSoundloading RIP IT. STORE IT. DOWNLOAD IT. ALL WITHOUT A COMPUTER. Multi Room to any player in the home. We can walk you thru the easy of use and most affordable expansion for the whole house.bluesoundnode2

REGA Turntables and more..

  Please feel free to call for Prices. Thx. Rega_rp10_Large1_300x Please check in store for choosing the right model that fits your needs. Prices start at $499. up to the higher fidelity specialty models. Check out the various cartridges and phono stages you will need to maximise the performance. Experience and Set Up on tables matters so let us set up your table. In store specials are always available.

Sonus Faber Speaker Special

 Newest SERIES of speakers by  Italian craftsman of Italy,  Olympica Series by

LOGO Sonus Fabre

All 3 models are on display now for your audition.

Bookshelf  Model 1 to floorstanding Model 2 & 3 available. An Elegent design that would complement any home and offered in 2 finishes.

Prices range from

$ 7,500. for the bookshelf Model 1, optional stands $ 1,400.

$ 11,700. Model 2 and Model 3 $ 15,800.      floor standing models

Prices are in CND dollars , priced per pair. Sale Prices.

Veneer Series Specials Also available NOW.New S model also on Display

Chameleon SeriesSonus Chameleon Now in the Store. Sonus Faber Value Plus Series.

AUDEZE Headphones

All instock models Reduce for the Holiday Season. DESIGN & COMFORT   Full line available Our award-winning headphones are known for their signature sound created by our advanced transducer technology allied with the finest craftsmanship and hand-selected woods. Employing unique design and advanced transducer technology, our headphones provide total comfort for hours on end. Combining legendary style with the world’s most advanced planar magnetic technology, delivering the ultimate listening experience. audezeLCD-XC-thumbAudezeLCD-X-thumbAudezeLCD-3-thumb Audition a pair today with the popular Astell & Kern digital play back or Questyle headphone amp designed to work well with  Audeze heaphones with Balanced connection.Be Amazed as so many have. New Headphone amp and EL-8 headphones in store for audition.Available in Closed or Open. Audeze Heaphone amp Deckard now available for audition.audeze-deckard-1    

Astell & Kern

The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable Hi-Fi audio system.
The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable high-fidelity audio system capable of playing Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) from music mastering studios. MQS refers to all of the high resolution digital music recording studio formats up to 24-bit/ 44 – 192kHz. MQS delivers vast amounts of better music experience because MQS delivers 6.5 times of the detailed information in the same track.
Studio Mastering Sound(MQS)-Clearance on AK240+ AK120 AK240Astell K240             astellK120AK120's Next-Gen Evolution Gen 2 Emotion and Pleasure: AK120 2nd Gen.
AK240 The Ultimate- both a balanced output and native DSD playback through the Dual DAC setup. Now with the AK240, we can dare say that we have gotten “that much closer” to the sound quality of the original recording. 380New model AK380
32-bit 384 kHz Bit-to-bit Playback-Native DSD-ParametricEQ-200fs VCXOReference Clock-AK Connect-Pressure-sensitive
Metal Touch-Metal Body(Duralumin)-External AMP
jr New model AK JR
  • WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE(Normal, High, Fast), AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF
  • FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF : 8kHz ~ 192kHz (8/16/24bits per Sample) / DSD : DSD64 (1bit 2.8MHz), Stereo (DSD to PCM)

Previously Enjoyed Hi End Audio Clearance

Previously enjoyed Hi End audio Specials+Some  Floor Demo items are available with full warranty. Herron Audio- Tube Pre amplifier (2 and 3A), mono power amps-All demos on Sale Audio Research Reference 600 mono tube power amps-Consignment Sale-$ 20,000.Reduced $ 12,000. Esoteric X01D2- Fully serviced and as new condition. $ 8,000.Reduced $ 6,800. Merrill Williams R.E.A.L. 101 table with Orofon AS-212 tonearm, includes clamp- AS-212S 9 inch Ortofon’s AS series static-balance tonearms feature high quality materials and construction, combined with a nod to analog’s past, for precise sound reproduction combined with a modern-vintage aesthetic    $ 7,000.                                                                                                                               Boulder 1010 preamplifier- $10,800. Quad 2905 $ 5,800.  Quad 2805 $ 4,500. Bel Canto 1.5 Dac/headphone amp- $ 1,080. Jadis Cd player- $ 4,000. VPI Classic turntable- $ 6,500. Please call 905-773-7810 for more details or plan an audition. Email us for pictures of product of items. LOGO JRGLOGO ViennaKlimitLOGO Audio ResearchLOGO Herron  ML52_Stack_5Lft_Lo_wht_r_cm-9dd49db1

Magnum Dynalab

LOGO Magnum Dynalab

Consignment Gear for Sale

We often get in gear that needs to be Sold by customer thru our Shop on Consignment. We will list them here and also on Canuckaudiomart's website. This will help the seller and help out the buyer as there is no tax applied on consignment gear. Consignment Sales are Cash only. If you feel this can help you sell some gear please feel free to call and ask how we can help. Consignment fees vary depending on item left for Sale.

     Consignment Sales-Cash Only-

Annex Opening August 1st weekend

Finally, we have happy to announce the Opening of our New Venue, August 1st, where we will showcase all our used, trade in, clearance items and consignment gear.

The Annex will be offering items such as speakers, amplifiers, cd player/DACs, turntables and more. We invite you to bring in your audio gear for consignment, we will sell your product for a reasonable fee.

On the cosy second floor, we will be offering previously played fine records from labels like EMI, Angel, Decca and RCA to mention a few and we expect to add more on a regular basis. New records will also be made available. Our recent addition to our team  Jack,  joins us with years of experience and knowledge of audio for over 25 years will be able to extend the experience and knowledge of the audio gear of days gone by but also offer the knowledge of todays' equipment.  Another unique feature to our place will be listening stations set up with headphones and turntable to listen to your purchased used records so you can enjoy them right away. Quality headphones/headphone amps /turntables will be set up. Products are moving in and out daily so it is a good idea to call and find if we have what you are looking for. Sometimes deals are pending so it has not yet arrived, so we invite to call and check.

Where; 12261 Yonge Street in the coach house next to the main house.

The open hours of this new venue will be 10-6pm Mon.- Tuesday-Thurs.-Friday-Saturday or call 905-773-5773 with your questions or if you plan to bring gear down for consignment. Sales are Cash only and some items include 30/60 or 90 day warranty. Clearance items will include the manufactures warranty. No warranty or exchange on any of the used Lps

We invite you to drop in and see what is available. Gear comes and goes quickly, so we will not be able to publish a list so calling is recommended. Thanks and have loads of fun. Angie



JL Audio Subwoofers

News- Sale on all subwoofers.   Fathom V2 Series available and in the shop for your audition. New E  series. A new more affordable series from the famous Phatom series. Promises to be very powerful and dynamic. 2 new models arriving this month, October. jlAudiologo Just in! the New Dominion Series of Subwoofer. The Series offering outstanding performance that will surprise you. Now everyone can afford the most popular subwoofers in the better audio marketplace. Drop in and see the New Dominion Series alongside the eSeries and Fathom. Upgrade to JL audio. Made in U.S.A. JLaudioDominion

More Specials Coming Soon

Since the site is brand new, we are still loading all of the new and exciting trade-ins, used and overstock items...come back often as there will be lots of new postings. Angie JLaudio Subwoofer Speical The New e series has been a great success since their introduction. The series offers a saving from the famous Phatom series at a cost savings without comprimise. We have found that most of our clients have gone to adding 2 subs, improving the system by leaps and bounds. So, we would like to offer a discount when purchasing 2 subs. We are offering an extra 10% discount on the 2nd sub. The special will also be extended to the Phantom Series. Note that JLaudio subs include a 5 year warranty in Canada Only. WE are now extending this special discount on any 2nd subwoofer purchased at the same time.

Jelco Tonearms – Japan

clearance Jelco

Audio Research DS 450

Demo Now on Clearance Sale The DS450 stereo power amplifier is the second member of the "Definition Series" from Audio Research. With a muscular 450 WPC into 8 ohms and stunning sonic performance, the DS450 provides high performance, high efficiency and high value.


BRIK Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Audio Products, offering Audio System, Amplifier, and Phono Stage with high quality. 

Our main products include Integrated Amplifier, D/A Converter, Bluetooth Stage, Internet Radio, Input Selector, DAC, Media Center, and Equalizer Stage. 

In addition to above mentioned products, we also provide Audio System Accessories such as RCA Cable and Audio Shelf.  If you are looking for high quality Audio Amplifiers, Hi-Fi System and High-End Bluetooth Manufacturer.

All instock items Reduced to Clear.

Check with Arnold models in stock and prices. 905-886-7810

Audia Flight

clearance Audia Flight is based in Civitavecchia, in the middle of Italy, 70Km to Rome, near the sea. Audia Flight was founded in 1996 by Massimiliano Marzi and Andrea Nardini. Both men have backgrounds in the professional electronics industry, and their goal was to design and build components that neither altered the audio signal nor slowed its transmission. The company has grown to be one of the leading high-end hifi manufacturers in Italy." All demo models Reduced, please drop in for prices. Integrated amp, cd players and phono stage available.  

Home Theatre Services

  • Home Theater Custom Installation
  • Installations/Customer Theater Designs
  • Inwall wiring before construction
  • Inwall wiring after construction
  • Wiring for Sound
  • Audio or Video Installations including Satellite
  • Onsite Quotations Available!

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