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Please visit this page often as there will be regular updates and lots of fantastic specials.  Don’t see what you need here?

New Items may be on a limited or timely in store special.

Used Specials- These are opportunities to buy a previously enjoyed product at great prices. These items include a 90 day warranty so you can buy with confidence. It’s a good idea to check in with us as we receive trade in items/consignment often but don’t always list it. Note that consignment gear is Cash only and no taxes. We welcome some items for trade in toward the purchase of a new item. Call if your item would be considered, email Angie at


Digital Promotion

A new Promotion on Digital Gear

          Some of the most popular well known products-Esoteric, DCS, T+A, Wadax, Aurender, Blusound, Nad, Bryston and Audio Research. Special in store Pricing available. We also want to encourage you to upgrade to a better Digital Product so we will offer trade ins on your current digital product.
  • Along with the hardware we are also offering digital cable upgrades available from Audioquest, Kimber and Transparent.
  • If you are new at streaming music and just cannot understand what this is about, we welcome you to visit and experience some of the ways we can introduce streaming to your system.
Nate and Leyland are very good at simplifying what streaming is about and how to use it. The 1-2-3 of streaming. They will introduce you on services available and recommend which one is right for you. It is recommended you call and arrange a good time to visit the shop and have this intro to streaming.
  • For those who already know, we invite you to experience the Hi End streamers available by Aurender, Wadax T+A and Esoteric.New Hi End DACs that will elevate your digital experience. Some of the New models from Aurender/ A30, dCSWadax/Atlantis and Arcadia and NAD.  Also, coming soon, Esoteric and T+A dacs.
Easy, mobile dacs by Audioquest dacs available-New Cobalt now joins the RED and Black all available and on Sale this month. The Beatle is now back in stock.  
  • Special offer on the New dCS Bartok Dac available with or with the optional headphone amp built in. The Bartok in on display and available to audition. Available in Silver and stocked in Black finish. January in store pricing available. The Rossini Dac is also on display for comparison with the Rossini Clock.


Promotions- All items are limited to stock on hand.
  • FireFly back in stock. 3 models available      
Belcanto C5i integrated amplifier- 65 watts per channel- $ 1,675. was $ 2,650.  
  • Focal 706 Bookshelf speakers- great 2 way from ported speakers.  
    • Available in White or Black finish. Now $629.pair
    • Focal Clear Headphones-$ 1,899.
          1. Focal Elegia Headphones- was $1,199.
        1. Focal Utopia Headphones- In Store Pricing Focal Stellia Headphones
    • Turntables
    • Rega Planar 1  $599. Gloss Black or Gloss White
    • Rega Planar 2  $899. Gloss Black-Gloss White- Gloss Red
    • Project tables all in stock models REDUCED
        Don't forget, we have GIFT CARDS from $50.+

Product Promotions

Questyle Deal Extended-Stock still available at this Amazing Deal Questyle QP1R- HIGH RES PORTABLE DAP- supports DSD 128 and 192kHz PCM files.- Class A current mode headphone amplifier. was $1,299.  Price $499. /available in Slate Grey and Gold finish. New old stock.Headphone amps also reduced, 400, 600 and 800 series-limited stock.  
  •  Introducing new product brands as well as new models from our existing brands from REL subwoofer and dCS Digital and NAD.New product introduction from Bryston and B&W now available to us. We are proud to offer Bryston, a product made in Canada with a long history in a very competitive industry with their electronic lines of power amp and pre amps. Famous for their 20 year warranty. In recent years, expanding to digital gear with great success. The full line is on display including the new 28 mono block power amps and digital gear. Product representative will be on hand to go through the Bryston line. We will be offering trade ups to Bryston so we welcome you to talk about trading in your current power amp to help you to upgrade to Bryston.Also, we will be introducing Bowers & Wilkins speakers. Another world wide recognized speaker line with a long history of high fidelity speakers. Many improvements in the last few years has proven to create, in my opinion, the finest loudspeaker line offered in respect to sound performance and value across the entire line. With many series available from the 600, 700 and the hi end 800/D3 series. Speaker range that everyone can afford to own from B&W. Offers will be extended during the seminar on each of these series.Experts from each of these brands will be on hand during the event.dCS digital will be demonstrating the Bartok DAC with the optional headphone amp built in. We invite you to bring along your headphones to audition the performance of what a fine headphone amp can sound like. Of course, the dac section from this famous product line is exceptional. The Rossini DAC and the Rossini clock will also be available.Finally, NAD, a product we have sold for years as it has been true to offering what I call "hi-end on a budget". The line has grown to offer streaming with maintaining the sound quality we expect from NAD. The feature model for this event is the NAD M10, a compact size performer, an all in one unit with lots to offer. We have packaged the M10 with a pair of B&W 606 bookshelf speakers with a special price of $ 3,999./stands optional.    Corner of Yonge and Stouffville Road  

Package promotion

Save on package System  $ 3,999.

Receive a Gift Card for your next purchase.  

NAD M10 -BluSo Streaming amplifier. A complete compact system with a full size sound.

September Promotion

For the month of September 2019 Only we have 3 offerings to help Cheer you up for the coming Fall Season. Entry level to Hi End level. Promotion    Buy a pair of Speakers and receive the matching centre for 1/2 price of msrp.
      •  50% off msrp on the matching centre channel speakers to match your new speakers. Any brand product available from our shop.
Promotion  Buy the Audio Research LS 28 tube pre amplifier and receive $ 1,500. for your trade in pre amplifier in working order. Sale limited to stock on hand-currently available in Black and Silver face plate. This may be a good start to owning an Audio Research product.  Check link for more details on the LS 28 tube line stage pre amp and improve your system with the exciting Foundation LS 28. Information link

We look forward to Offering more Specials Soon.

JL Audio Subs

JL Audio Subwoofer Upgrade Program starts Now Risk free Upgrade- buy any model, Dominion Series-E Series or Fathom Series  take it home and if you want to reconsider trading up a model feel Free to do so in 7 DAYS without any loss on your current purchase and just pay the difference. Risk free Upgrade Program We still offer our special of 10% discount on the 2nd sub purchased at the same time. We invite you to have Leyland, we call him our Sub Guru, to demo a JL audio sub today.

Used-Jeff Rowland 301+Coherence Series11

Jeff Rowland Coherence Series11 pre amplifier with 301 M mono power amps.

1 owner complete with boxes and all in very good to mint condition. Price for the set. $22,000. Cnd Jan.19 2020 Reduced $20,000.

REL Acoustics

New Home theatre Sub woofer: HT/1508 Predator with a 15" driver with a 800 watt amp available soon. Special update: We have just received more inventory on our popular subwoofers. Several models have arrived. Check in with Leyland or Arnold and they can guide you through this complete line of subs to choose the right one for you. Rel's reputation in subs extends to audio and home theater application. Some models listed in our online store which will give you an idea of the range and pricing. Note however that we offer great in store only specials as well. We invite you to visit and experience Rel subwoofers. Model T/5i compact subwoofer Smaller does not mean lesser. We designed the compact T/5i to give smaller sized spaces and systems equal quality sound, so while scale may change the performance stays the same. T/7i and T/9i also available. Serie T/i The completely reimagined Series T/i provides the most power and performance of any subwoofer in its price range. The perfect combination for smaller to mid-sized systems and rooms. S Series also available and now the New Carbon Limited has arrived-Outstanding./ one set available. Some models are available in White finish.


esotericKIlogo esoteric logo New Grandioso top of the line CD/SACD player. Demo model Reduced
    • "This unit shows all the best attributes of what a KILLER digital from end should be" Angie.
Use the link to see what this awesome machine offers. Short list below. VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S VS-DD* Spindle Servo Driver and Proprietary Toroidal Power Supply Newly Designed Integrated Dual Monaural D/A Converters for the Ultimate in Quality 35-bit D/A Processing for Outstanding Powers of Musical Expression Esoteric-HCLD*1: Esoteric's Proprietary Current-Enhancing Output Buffer Circuit Digital Inputs USB Support for 11.2 MHz DSD, 384 kHz/32-bit PCM, and Asynchronous Transmission Clock Sync Function for Synchronization with External Devices Estoteric Mech


Full line of Denon now in the store. Full feature products for Home theater, 2 channel audio, great headphones, turntables as so much more. Experienced staff to help you design your audio system. You don't have to settle for Big Box stores. Our attention and care is what you can count on as we do with our Hi End audio equipment.

Drop in and speaker with Arnold or Leyland for the right guidance, the first time around.

Discontinued and demo stock available at a REDUCED Price.

Van den Hull Cartridges

mc 10 sSfrogS A.J. van den Hul is a Dutch Company established in 1980. Its main objective is to improve the quality of both phono-transfer and the quality of signal transmission in the most broad sense. We do this by applying unique solutions and state-of-the-art technology based on our own inventions, findings and listening experience.
Sale on new in Stock models:
-MC model One $ 2,999.
    - Frog Gold $ 5,500.
      - Crimson Stradivarius $ 8,500. - Colibri Stradivarius $ 12,800.
        Sale limited to in stock models while available. Posted Aug.10,2019.

BelCanto Black ACI600

integrated-black-sliderDemo Model Reduced to Clear. The ACI 600 refines the elements of the three chassis Black system into one beautifully constructed component. The ACI 600, with its modern look and feel, optimizes signal path in a revolutionary way, recreating the recorded event with incredible musicality and accuracy. Seperate mono amps and Controlled priced to Clear. Download the XMOS USB Driver to connect your ACI 600 to a Windows based computer.Belcantoblack integrated amp

B&O Play-Headphones and Wireless speakers

ALL HEADPHONES ON CLEARANCE PRICES. B&O play HEADPHONES AND WIRELESS PORTABLE SPEAKERS. Models available on this SALE - Form 2i, H2, H6, H7, H8. Please call for availability. bo3bo boSmall_7_788x454a2_grey_2

Nad Headphones

SALE Prices Now -Choose from In the Ear, On the Ear or Over the Ear.
    These are just some of the models but many more available.
Nad hp20 HP-20
    nad hp30 HP-30
Nad hp-50HP-50

Sonus Faber Lilium and Homage Tradition

  Sonus Faber Liliums in White leather finish with beautiful gloss Walnut sides. Demo Clear Out $59,000.
Homage Tradition Series- All floor model
Pictured here is the Lilium in White leather/Walnut finish.

REGA Turntables and more..

  Please feel free to call for Prices. Thx. Rega_rp10_Large1_300x Please check in store for choosing the right model that fits your needs. Prices start at $499. up to the higher fidelity specialty models. Check out the various cartridges and phono stages you will need to maximise the performance. Experience and Set Up on tables matters so let us set up your table. In store specials are always available.

AUDEZE Headphones

All instock models Reduce for the Holiday Season. DESIGN & COMFORT   Full line available Our award-winning headphones are known for their signature sound created by our advanced transducer technology allied with the finest craftsmanship and hand-selected woods. Employing unique design and advanced transducer technology, our headphones provide total comfort for hours on end. Combining legendary style with the world’s most advanced planar magnetic technology, delivering the ultimate listening experience. audezeLCD-XC-thumbAudezeLCD-X-thumbAudezeLCD-3-thumb Audition a pair today with the popular Astell & Kern digital play back or Questyle headphone amp designed to work well with  Audeze heaphones with Balanced connection.Be Amazed as so many have. New Headphone amp and EL-8 headphones in store for audition.Available in Closed or Open. Audeze Heaphone amp Deckard now available for audition.audeze-deckard-1    

Astell & Kern

The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable Hi-Fi audio system.
The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable high-fidelity audio system capable of playing Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) from music mastering studios. MQS refers to all of the high resolution digital music recording studio formats up to 24-bit/ 44 – 192kHz. MQS delivers vast amounts of better music experience because MQS delivers 6.5 times of the detailed information in the same track.
Studio Mastering Sound(MQS)-Clearance on AK240+ AK120 AK240Astell K240             astellK120AK120's Next-Gen Evolution Gen 2 Emotion and Pleasure: AK120 2nd Gen.
AK240 The Ultimate- both a balanced output and native DSD playback through the Dual DAC setup. Now with the AK240, we can dare say that we have gotten “that much closer” to the sound quality of the original recording. 380New model AK380
32-bit 384 kHz Bit-to-bit Playback-Native DSD-ParametricEQ-200fs VCXOReference Clock-AK Connect-Pressure-sensitive
Metal Touch-Metal Body(Duralumin)-External AMP
jr New model AK JR
  • WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE(Normal, High, Fast), AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF
  • FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF : 8kHz ~ 192kHz (8/16/24bits per Sample) / DSD : DSD64 (1bit 2.8MHz), Stereo (DSD to PCM)

Previously Enjoyed Hi End Audio Clearance

Previously enjoyed Hi End audio Specials+ Some  Floor Demo items are available with full warranty.
  • Herron Audio- Tube Pre amplifier (2 and 3A), mono power amps-All discontinued models on Sale                                                                                                                     
  • Quad 2905 $ 5,800.  Quad 2805 $ 4,500.
  • Mark Levinson top of the line Ref. Pre amp and mono power amps- $ 33,800.
  • Sonus Faber Lilium floor model demos  $59,000. White leather Walnut cabinet.
  • Sonus Faber Limited Strads new in the box numbered- $ 50,000US(apprx.$65,oooCND ) now $40,000.CND
  • Audio Physic demo -   Tempus Plus $ 4,500. high gloss black
  • DCS Scarlatti DAC, Clock and upsampler-Consignment- $ 20,000. add the DCS bridge $5,000.for streaming.
  • Jeff Rowland 301 mono power amps+Coherence 2 piece Pre amp- Reduced$ 20,000.set
  • Focal Diablo Utopia (red) with metal Target stand-Consignment- Reduced Now $ 7,500.
  • Audio Research LS 28 tube pre amp, Black finish $ 6,550.
  • Kiseki Blue phono cartridge, new $ 2,000.
  • Audio Research PH 9 phono stage, black $ 6,250.
  • Vienna Acoustics- The Kiss with stands-Black piano finish- $ 8,900. demo
  • Audio Research Ref 75SE Black faceplate-tube power amp- customer upgraded to 160m- like new $ 9,500.
  • VAC original Signature tube line stage pre amplifier- $ 7,800.
  • Esoteric K-03 - $6,500.
Please call 905-773-7810 for more details or plan an audition. Email us for pictures of items. Shipping quotes available. Taxes to apply. LOGO JRGLOGO ViennaKlimitLOGO Audio ResearchLOGO Herron  ML52_Stack_5Lft_Lo_wht_r_cm-9dd49db1

Magnum Dynalab

LOGO Magnum Dynalab

Consignment Gear for Sale

We often get in gear that needs to be Sold by customer thru our Shop on Consignment. We will list them here and also on Canuckaudiomart's website. This will help the seller and help out the buyer as there is no tax applied on consignment gear. Consignment Sales are Cash only. If you feel this can help you sell some gear please feel free to call and ask how we can help. Consignment fees vary depending on item left for Sale.

     Consignment Sales-Cash Only-


Demo Clearance Sale. Please call for models available. Stax Electrostatic Headphones. A legend in the finest headphone technology. Did you know you can own the best headphones from as little as $ 750 for in-the-ear and $ 895. for on ear. Technology that has sustained the test of time and offers comfort that modivates hours of listening. Headphones and Drive units available separtely. Solid state and tube drive units available. Packages available to $ 5,195. Full line available. Made in Japan

JL Audio Subwoofers

News- Sale on all subwoofers.   Fathom V2 Series available and in the shop for your audition. New E  series. A new more affordable series from the famous Phatom series. Promises to be very powerful and dynamic. 2 new models arriving this month, October. jlAudiologo Just in! the New Dominion Series of Subwoofer. The Series offering outstanding performance that will surprise you. Now everyone can afford the most popular subwoofers in the better audio marketplace. Drop in and see the New Dominion Series alongside the eSeries and Fathom. Upgrade to JL audio. Made in U.S.A. JLaudioDominion

More Specials Coming Soon

      • Buy an Audio Research Power amp and receive an additional
    10% off 
      on the companion Preamplifier.Any model combination. Upgrade and Save
    • JLaudio Subwoofer Special The New e series has been a great success since their introduction. The series offers a saving from the famous Phatom series at a cost savings without comprimise. We have found that most of our clients have gone to adding 2 subs, improving the system by leaps and bounds. So, we would like to offer a discount when purchasing 2 subs. We are offering an extra 10% discount on the 2nd sub. The special will also be extended to the Phantom Series.Note that JLaudio subs include a 5 year warranty in Canada Only.WE are now extending this special discount on any 2nd subwoofer purchased at the same time.

Jelco Tonearms – Japan

clearance Jelco

Bel Canto – mLink, uLink and REF Link

A huge number of audiophiles – tech-savvy and traditionalists – use computers as a primary music source and like all enthusiasts want the beyond-CD sound they’re capable of.

Bel Canto makes it happen with three new Asynchronous USB Link Converters; the entry-level mLink, moving-on-up uLink, and top-of-the-line REFLink.

These new USB Link Converters isolate the music signal – and clocks – from the harsh, noisy electrical environments of computers and music servers.

Audio Research DS 450

Demo Now on Clearance Sale The DS450 stereo power amplifier is the second member of the "Definition Series" from Audio Research. With a muscular 450 WPC into 8 ohms and stunning sonic performance, the DS450 provides high performance, high efficiency and high value.

Vienna Acoustics

Demo clear out- Models available The Kiss/stands and the Imperial Litz(sold) floor standing model. Both pairs are in Piano black finish. SAVE

At Vienna Acoustics, we have always been fascinated and motivated by the dramatic sound improvements a quality speaker can provide. We are committed to creating speakers that bring you nearer to music, and we try to achieve that in every step of the speaker production process. While music is the object that inspires us, attaining the sonic results present in all Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers is the result of painstaking technical research All Vienna Acoustics speakers are purposefully designed to add to the quality of your domestic landscape by employing true furniture grade materials and assembly techniques. All cabinets are finished to perfection in a wide variety of real wood veneers, one sure to best compliment your listening or living room.


BRIK Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Audio Products, offering Audio System, Amplifier, and Phono Stage with high quality. 

Our main products include Integrated Amplifier, D/A Converter, Bluetooth Stage, Internet Radio, Input Selector, DAC, Media Center, and Equalizer Stage. 

In addition to above mentioned products, we also provide Audio System Accessories such as RCA Cable and Audio Shelf.  If you are looking for high quality Audio Amplifiers, Hi-Fi System and High-End Bluetooth Manufacturer.

All instock items Reduced to Clear.

Check with Arnold models in stock and prices. 905-886-7810

Bel Canto

At Bel Canto we recognize that music is an important part of your life. We know because it’s an important part of ours as well. We’re all looking for those special moments when we dissolve into the music, suspend disbelief and simply enjoy the music. There’s nothing like the experience of emotion; when the outside world affects your internal state and changes how you feel. It’s what Bel Canto is all about! Digital to Analog converters, Amplifiers and Source Components complete a compact audio electronics system; efficient, low power consuming products that fit easily into your lifestyle. All instock items on Clearance. Open Stock and New in the box available.  Some of the models available: C5i Integrated amplifier, C7R receiver, 500 mono power amplifiers, 600 mono blacks, DACs, and transport. Belcanto Black integrated amp demo also on clearance. Please call the store for stock on hand.

Audia Flight

clearance Audia Flight is based in Civitavecchia, in the middle of Italy, 70Km to Rome, near the sea. Audia Flight was founded in 1996 by Massimiliano Marzi and Andrea Nardini. Both men have backgrounds in the professional electronics industry, and their goal was to design and build components that neither altered the audio signal nor slowed its transmission. The company has grown to be one of the leading high-end hifi manufacturers in Italy." All demo models Reduced, please drop in for prices. Integrated amp, cd players and phono stage available.  

Bel Canto USB Link 24/96

The USB Link 24/96, the must-have component for computer hard disc music systems.
The USB Link 24/96 converts a computer-derived USB input of up to 24 bits and 96kHz to SPDIF and outputs the signal on a 75 ohm BNC. The USB Link 24/96 includes a Stereovox XV2 BNC/BNC cable with RCA adaptor to feed your audiophile DAC of choice Significantly improves the sound of your 16-bit 44.1 kHz music files as well!
  • Converts USB computer-sourced files to SPDIF output
  • Compatible with native drivers on Mac and Windows
  • Accepts high-resolution audio files with data rates up to 24 bits and 96KHz
  • Quality Stereovox XV2 BNC/BNC with RCA adaptor connects to any quality DAC
  • USB Link 24/96 disables system volume control
  • Low-jitter clock recovery features reference crystal oscillator
  • Self-powered via USB input benefiting from LC filters and low-noise local regulation
  • Galvanic isolation between computer and audio system prevents high-frequency noise from polluting signal

Home Theatre Services

  • Home Theater Custom Installation
  • Installations/Customer Theater Designs
  • Inwall wiring before construction
  • Inwall wiring after construction
  • Wiring for Sound
  • Audio or Video Installations including Satellite
  • Onsite Quotations Available!

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